About Us offers an affordable solution to explore the world

Zu Vacation offers an affordable solution that lets you explore the world without breaking the bank. How do we do it? Simple. We subside a large chunk off the final price. In return all you have to do is take a one hour presentation of the hotel loyalty program at your destination, which we would arrange around your schedule and convenience. That’s it. No compromise. No obligations. No Roundabouts. Guaranteed!

At Zu Vacations we are backed with years of experience and travel knowledge. We are part of a business group based in the Dominican Republic with deep roots in the tour and travel industry paired with more than 50 years of experience.

At Zu Vacation we know that we are offering the golden ticket to paradise.

If you have any questions please give us a call we’d be happy to assist you and we’d do our very best to make of your vacation and unforgettable experience.


Your destination is our home, and we're happy to share the best of it with you. We have chosen the best destinations within the Dominican Republic that offer sandy blue beaches, great food and the unmistaken warm smile of the Dominican people.